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 DOWNLOAD Sarasota Sponsorship Kit PDF

Be a part of the most aggressively marketed and prestigious fine art festival tour on the Atlantic corridor. The unrivaled collection of internationally - renowned artists teamed with our extensive and creative media coverage presents a unique opportunity and an extraordinary promotional tool for your business.

Our approach is to develop a comprehensive media presentation that typically incorporates a variety of powerful marketing strategies such as: radio, TV, and print media, press releases, email blitzes, promotional rack cards, posters, outdoor billboards and road signage (when available). Each venue contributes to the creation of event recognition and provides you with sponsor brand awareness.



  • Most sought after wealth zip codes in the country
  • 30-60 age bracket
  • Executive management types (e.g., CEO’s/Presidents, visible leaders in business)
  • Owners of second homes
  • Owners of two or more cars, typically luxury cars
  • Frequent travelers, often internationally

Support from our corporate partners and the media community is integral to make these events possible. Corporate and media partners derive the following benefits for their support of these shows:



  • Collective festival advertising: reaches millions of your target audience
  • Brand awareness and image identity
  • Product/service exclusivity
  • On-site signage, prominently displayed
  • URL links on website
  • Logo/sponsor’s name on all promotional materials
  • Direct exposure with event attendees

We need the support of local businesses, corporate partnerships and the media community to make this event possible. For projected media schedules and corporate partnerships/sponsorship rates please use the links on the home page. A sincere thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


If you are interested in sponsoring multiple events, please contact Bill Kinney at: 941-487-8061.