Mission Statement
The mission of Paragon Fine Arts Festival is to create and promote the highest quality destination fine art events in the Northeastern United States. 




To achieve the goal of the mission statement, Paragon has set the following objectives:

  1. Attract the best fine art and fine craft artisans from the United States and abroad.
  2. Treat artists with respect and appreciation.
  3. Provide a fair and equitable jury system to select artists for the events
  4. Ensure that all artwork is hand made by the artisans and that artisans are present at the shows
  5. Create strong corporate and media partnerships to advertise and promote these events

To achieve these objectives and thus the mission, Paragon will incorporate the following procedures and approaches in developing each event:

  • Utilize an online jury system (i.e., at this time, ZAPPlication) to promote ease of application for artisans and a more thorough jury process
  • The jury process will be "blind" meaning artists will be judged solely on the quality of artwork and booth presentation as submitted in the application.  Their name, state of origin or other such factors will not be considered in the jury process.
  • Disallow from participation in all events any buy-sell and production works and prohibit the use of artist representatives; Paragon requires all artists to be present at each event, no exceptions
  • Locate shows in areas of high income, high visibility, and when appropriate, areas frequented by large numbers of travelers and tourists
  • Develop extensive and creative media promotions that include ads in radio, TV, local and regional newspapers and periodicals, e-mail advertisements, posters, show postcards, billboards and road signage (when available)
  • Nurture strong relationships with local businesses (e.g., local Chambers of Commerce)
  • When possible, develop opportunities for artists to have exposure on the local community through interviews with local media (e.g., TV interviews recorded for artists at the Montauk Fine Arts Festival)

It is our intention to make refunds available that are fair and agreeable to both parties. NOTE that your application and acceptance of an invitation is a commitment to show at the event.

  • Cancellations must be in writing, submitted to our office by fax, e-mail or you must mail us the cancellation document.
  • You may apprise us by phone of your inability to attend; however, you must still submit your cancellation in writing to receive a refund
  • If cancellations are received from 11 to 30 days prior to the event, you will received a refund as follows
    50% refund by check, OR
    100% credit towards another Paragon event of your choosing; however, you must apply to and be juried into that event.
    There is no time limit on the 100% credit
  • Cancellations made within 10 days of the event will not receive either a refund or credit except for cases of extreme hardship.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE the following:

There are no refunds of the jury fee.
If an artist fails to show at the event and has not contacted the office prior to the start of the event, they will be ineligible for future shows.
Leaving a show early without an acceptable excuse will make the artist ineligible for admission to future shows.
If, due to financial constraints, an artist cannot pay the booth fee on time though makes arrangement to pay at the event, failure to attend the event does not alleviate the responsibility to pay the booth fee as agreed to. An artist will be ineligible to participate in future Paragon events until that commitment is fulfilled.

Please call our office if you have any questions regarding these policies.


1) All work must be original hand-crafted work.  Each artist guarantees the accuracy of the description of the works presented, the authenticity of the work, as the creation of their own hand.

2) Work done by a production studio is not accepted.

3) All work must be designed and executed by the accepted artist.

4) No more than 2 artists may collaborate on work.  Both must be included on and sign the application.  Both must be present at the arts festival.

5) Artists must be present with the work for the entire arts festival.  Representatives may not attend in place of the artists. 

4) The Arts Festival requires photo identification at check-in to ensure compliance. 

5) Artists may only show work in categories and bodies of work selected by the jury.

6) All work exhibited must be of the quality, category, and body of work that were shown in the images used in the jury process.


No t-shirts, commercially manufactured items, soap, wax media, velvet paintings, decoupage, or plants.  The Festival Committee reserves the right to exclude work which does not conform to show standards.

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